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Torben Søndergaard, should praying for kids and performing miracle cures be illegal?

Danish TV is attacking a man who follows the Bible?

Danish TV seems to automatically deem a person with the gift of healing as a lying con artist, and that is likely the outlook of Swedish TV and mainstream media as a whole. Sadly also many Christians side with this idea, despite that the Bible encourages us to use all the spiritual gifts offered to us. Other Christians might very well be aware of that healing and speaking in tongues are examples of spiritual gifts which still apply, but they still prefer to distance themselves from Torben because of the controversial aspect of the matter, and for not wanting to be attacked as well due to association. They should rather be on his side, comforting him, because these attacks naturally made him very sad. What is the point of letting Torben’s enemies be heard in the films about him, as though their judgments are true, and with no chance for Torben to defend himself?

One misunderstanding about healing is that the person with this gift can absolutely not make any sort of theological errors (or commit any sins) because this would automatically mean that the miracles are fake. This is not a required correlation. A person with spiritual gifts does not lose his free will, and he/she must strive to avoid mistakes and sins just like all Christians. Moreover, being blessed with spiritual gifts does not automatically mean that the person will endure to the very end. Judas Iscariot, disciple of Jesus, is an example of that. Fortunately, Torben speaks out against sin more than most preachers, and never forgets to highlight the requirement of true repentance.

The Bible nowhere claims that the spiritual gifts, such as healing and speaking in tongues, would cease before the coming of Christ. They are great tools for us to use, and Satan would be more than happy to make Christians afraid of using the gifts so that he can be more powerful. Despite that the Bible also encourages us to cast out evil spirits, Christians are afraid to do so. Danish TV and others have chosen to demonize those who cast out demons.

Unfortunately Youtube has recently been pressed to conform to Satan’s desires, and Christians who pray for people’s sicknesses might now be in trouble. There is always a risk that a person who does not get healed, will step forward and charge Torben for his actions. The first step to limit Christian freedom is on Youtube, but will it end there? Will it be illegal to pray for children and teenagers (or anyone) in the future?:

“YouTube’s recommendation algorithm suggests new videos for viewers, but some genres of videos, especially conspiracy videos, have been criticized for their frequent appearance in those recommendations. The company’s new policy will cut back on recommendations of “content that could misinform users in harmful ways,” YouTube said in a Friday memo. It cited three specific conspiracy theories affected by the new policy: Flat Earth theories, miracle cures, and 9/11 trutherism.”
/Daily Beast

More and more people have come to the understanding that 9/11 was an inside job, so naturally politicians must try to avoid criticism by using censorship. More people have also been converted to the flat earth movement, and apparently it is so dangerous that they must be silenced. It is a well known fact that Youtube and Google do NOT like criticism of official terror stories, and do not want people to expose them as false flags or psy ops.

(Do read Cody Snodgres’ e-book “OCB Choosing the light”, or check if one of his interviews can still be seen on youtube. He was first offered to bomb the Murray Building in Oklahoma city but rejected the job, thinking that he would be the patsy. He also exposes the dark secrets of the shadow government, and how easily people on the streets can be fooled by orchestrated fake events.)

Luk 8:2 And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils

Acts 19:11 And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul:12 So that from his body were brought unto the sick handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them, and the evil spirits went out of them.

Mark. 16:15 And he said unto them, Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.16 He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.17 And these signs shall follow them that believe; In my name shall they cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues;18 They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover

James 5:14 Is any sick among you? let him call for the elders of the church; and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord:15 And the prayer of faith shall save the sick, and the Lord shall raise him up; and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.16 Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.


Youtube is censoring films revealing inconsistencies about shooting in Las Vegas 2017

youtube censorship.jpg

You’re not allowed to question the official story of the Las Vegas shooting, even if it doesn’t hold up for scrutiny

I don’t even make Youtube films but I was still flagged this morning for making a play list called “Conspiracy theory – Las Vegas 2017”. I had saved one or two films on that play list, containing someone pointing out inconsistencies in the official story (like witnesses seeing multiple shooters) and asking questions about it. Not allowed! And Youtube of course has this rule for your own good …

Note, that just because I’ve saved films about conspiracy theories on my Youtube channel it doesn’t mean I believe in everything that is stated in those films. It’s just that it’s interesting to list various conspiracy theories and share which arguments people use to question the official story.

What if you were not allowed to question the official story about the concentration camps during WW2? What if you started to point out that Jews and other groups of people were being systematically killed in concentration camps and that the German government has concealed this for the public? What if people would then me upset with you for bringing up such a ridiculous idea and ask you to keep quiet unless you had proof for your absolutely absurd conspiracy theory? Conspiracy theories might turn out to be the truth. If you automatically trust mainstream media, there is no hope for you. Soon alternative media will be completely banned, so take the chance to turn to other sources while you can.

We have to be prepared for even more censorship in the future, and the leaders of the European Union are vehemently pushing for more censorship by trying to get more members to intensify their efforts to censor hate speech, which is code word for silencing people who question whatever official story that the government wants to push.

More and more people are turning to alternative media (and sometimes alternative alternative media), in order to get the truth, because they certainly don’t get the truth through mainstream media. When it comes to conspiracy theories, the absolutely worse channel to turn to is CNN. They will tell you propaganda straight from the shadow government, and there is no end of false witnesses (FEMA actors) who would like to tell their stories to the camera. The aim, apart from pushing American gun control, is to get the public to scream: “Please save us from the terrorist attacks! Can we have more Big Brother, please! Would you like to get access to all our phone conversations and emails? Sure, anything you like if we can only get a Police state quickly because that will give us safety! We know you’re only doing it for our own good to get the bad guys. Higher taxes? No problem! Thank you government for being our hero and for saving us! We want globalism and one world government now! PLEASE!”

If you would like to hear about the inconsistencies about the Las Vegas shooting, just search on Youtube for it, and add a search word such as conspiracy, hoax, false flag, psy-op or similar. Youtube channels will of course continue to be removed every day, but new users turn up and post their stuff. Do NOT count on that the film can still be viewed if you share it on social media. I have loads of films on my play lists that are no longer possible to view, because it takes too much time to go back and remove them.

I suppose people are tricked into automatically trust the official story of a terrorist attack because the attack would be way too big to lie about, and the government wouldn’t do that to us … (It’s actually not the government but rather the shadow government, including the CIA.)

I can end with this Sandy Hook film. The producers of the film of course knew that Youtube would not allow it since it’s skeptical against the official story, and for this reason the film makers made preparations. The film started out being flagged and removed from both Youtube and Vimeo within minutes just as expected, but the film makers made a joint effort to post the films on their own channels and shared it extensively on various social media, resulting in that the film continued to spread so rapidly that Youtube eventually had to give up. It was too late and too hard to put the genie back in the bottle, so they had to let it go.

This ordeal has made me even more eager to share conspiracy films on social media because time seems to be very limited and maybe I should take the chance while the window is still open. We’re heading for another type of future where you’re not supposed to question the leaders.

How to NOT increase views on your youtube channel – use a filthy language and demonize the Jews and Israel

 swear word.jpgSeems like some people don’t even want their youtube channels to become more popular!

There are two common mistakes which youtube film makers often make and that will cause some viewers to:

  • not watch the film to the end
  • make the decision to not spread the film on social media (as they otherwise would) even though they really like the film
  • possibly also give the film a thumbs down.

That is because the film makers ….

  1. use a lot of swear words in their films – and particularly the F-word. Some use this word constantly throughout the film.
  2. attack the Jews as a group, and/or they make unfair generalizations about Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East) as though the political leaders and the Israeli inhabitants are the cause of various evil things going on in this world.

Swear words – particularly the F-word

Do some film makers really want to sound like immature third-graders, or why do they constantly use the F-word and other filthy expressions? Quite often I watch youtube films that have an urgent message (since they might convey an alarming conspiracy theory), and one would think that the film maker would therefore do everything in his power to increase the popularity of his film to improve the chances that it will be spread to others. But no! The film maker might still decide to use the F-word here and there which will prevent loads of people from spreading it further. The film maker might respond that he has loads of subscribers and likes, but what is wrong with getting even MORE subscribers and MORE likes? If I knew that preventing certain words would increase the chances for my important film to spread, I would definitely avoid those words. I can only conclude that the film makers feel that their films are not important enough or worth the trouble of avoiding curse words.

The Jews and Israel (the only democracy in the middle east)

The problem is two-fold:

a) Israel is unfairly attacked as a country (sometimes simply for existing) and Israeli politics are also unfairly criticized (maybe they do not like the way Israel protects its citizens from flying rockets and constant terrorist attacks from their Arabic neighbors).

b) The Jews are attacked as a group, and sinister Jewish individuals (who might not even be Jewish more than in the name) are used as representatives of all Jews and of Israel. That goes even if it would be a Jew like Rothschild, who does not regard himself as either a practicing Jew or a lover of Israel but is rather an anti-Jew. Why must a selection of mean-spirited Jews be regarded as the typical Jews of this world and represent the entire community of Jews?

We should of course be allowed to criticize Jews and Israel just like everyone/everything else, but the problem is rather that Jews and Israel are often criticized with another measurement, and unfair generalizations are often made. Jews are often criticized as a group as though they usually work as a unit and have common coffee breaks where they think up various ways to rule the world. There are of course corrupt politicians in Israel as well and Jews who are evil, but why must the whole country and the people as such be judged as a group? Other countries and people are not judged in this way.

Yes, it is very likely that the Israeli intelligence service has been guilty of some dark actions in its history, but the same thing can be said about the intelligence services in the US, Great Britain, France, Italy, Sweden, etc. So why is Israel specifically treated as though it stood out among other countries and constantly demonized? The American CIA has done a lot of bad deeds in its days (and the FBI, and corrupt politicians), but I would not dream of judging all America on the basis of their intelligence service, nor Americans as a group. On top of this, it might only be two percentage of the highest level of CIA who are bad guys with no regard for either America or other countries, and it would simply be wrong to judge America and Americans for something they are innocent of. Not even if we would hypothetically discover that the CIA has started numerous wars in this world and is behind 90% of all false flag operations.

Sometimes I watch youtube films that are excellent because of great support for a certain theory. However, then the film maker might proceed to ruin the film by making attacks on the Jews and/or Israel where he/she neglect to provide support other than saying perhaps “And Israel is behind it because that’s the pattern”, or they might give examples of bad stuff Jews or Israel have done. But are examples really enough? Is it for example possible to prove that Americans are dumber than Canadians by providing examples of dumb Americans? I pray to God you say no.

Israel – a tiny spot in the Middle Eastisrael.jpg

The film makers might make a preposterous claim, such as “Israel is slaughtering Arabs”, but provides no support for this unfair generalization. If they lived in Israel themselves, how would they handle things if they were under constant attacks from their neighbors and risked to die in a rocket attack or a bomb blast in a market? How would they react if they had to deal with Arabic organizations which have on their agenda to erase Israel from the map and the Jews out of existence? How would they react if their neighbors praised terrorists who have killed Jews, and named streets after them? Would they not like a protecting fence, and would they not like a strong Israeli defense? It would be suicide for Israel to lay down their weapons.

Israel has shown in history that they are willing to give up land for peace (Sinai, Gaza, etc). They initially got their tiny land mass (NOT taken from any “Palestinians”) through a UN resolution, and they were not silly enough to say no thanks. They had no country, unlike the Arabs, and Jews had already lived in danger in several countries for many years. Israel immediately offered to share their little spot with the Arabs (despite that the Arabs had huge territories already, including the new Transjordan), but the Arabs started a war as a response. Those Arabs who were wise enough to remain in Israel (they were not forced to leave) became full members of Israel and can share in all the benefits the country provides. There is of course lots more to say, but my point is simply that I have seen SO many great youtube films totally ruined by unfair attacks on Jews/Israel, and the films themselves might have nothing to do with the Middle East anyway. I have seen films about topics such as megaliths (stones) where the lecturer for some reason takes the chance to attack the Jews as a group.






BRANDOS – skor på nätet – vill inte sälja till dig om du röstar på fel parti

demokratiFilmen är från 2010, men jag har inte sett den förrän nu. Jag antar att deras åsikter fortfarande gäller 2014, så jag kan ju hjälpa till att sprida filmen så att folk inte av misstag handlar hos Brandos trots att Brandos inte vill att de ska handla hos dem.

De här två herrarna från Brandos (se film nedan) – Fredrik Juto och Karl-Johan Pantzar – säger öppet att de inte vill göra affärer med dig om du röstar på Sverigedemokraterna, vilket innebär att de inte respekterar alla människor eftersom de delar in oss i acceptabla och inte acceptabla. Vill du köpa skor från Brandos måste du alltså tycka rätt och det betyder att du måste tycka som dem för att få äran att göra affärer med dem. De verkar inte vara anhängare till ÅSIKTSFRIHET.

Vi kan vara tacksamma för att inte alla skoaffärer i Sverige agerar så odemokratiskt för då skulle väl sverigedemokrater behöva beställa skor från utlandet för att ha något på fötterna? Se bild här till vänster och påminns om hur det gick till när andra världskriget startade, och där fler och fler affärer satte upp skyltar där de förbjöd en viss sorts människor (oskyldiga judar) att handla. Idag är det alltså Sverigedemokrater som man anser sig ha rätt att mobba, förnedra, och trycka ner. Men först måste de förstås tillskriva Sverigedemokraterna åsikter de inte har, precis som man också gjorde med judarna för annars kan man ju inte åstadkomma dramatik och röra upp massorna till hat gentemot den grupp som man vill åt. Svensk media drar ju sitt strå till stacken för att piska upp detta hat, så det kanske inte är så konstigt att så många människor går på den indoktrineringen och får för sig att Sverigedemokrater har galna åsikter bara för att de anser att svensk invandringspolitik kan förbättras. Tyvärr är ju Brandos-herrarna inte ensamma med sin åsiktsregistrering eftersom det finns människor som fått sparken för att de är aktiva i SD vilket kan ses här. Det luktar lite Nordkorea men jag tror tyvärr det kommer att bli värre i framtiden. 

Men att respektera invandrare är väl en självklarhet och detsamma som att tycka rätt? Ja, det tycker jag är en sund åsikt och det kanske är därför som bl a Sverigedemokraterna står för just den åsikten! Att ha kritik vad gäller Sveriges invandringspolitik är inte detsamma som att inte respektera invandrare. Säkert hälften av mina arbetskamrater är invandrare och jag älskar dem allihop. Jag gör ingen skillnad på om de är invandrare eller inte, och skulle mina barn i framtiden gifta sig med invandrare skulle jag inte ha något emot det heller, bara de känner att de delar en god moral. (Eftersom jag är kristen så hoppas jag förstås att deras tillkommande ska vara kristna – och deras hudfärg spelar absolut ingen roll.)

Men dessvärre talar herrarna osanning i sin videofilm eftersom de menar att man inte respektera invandrare om man röstar på SD. Det är en lögn, och jag anser att det är en synd att tillskriva en stor grupp människor en åsikt som de inte har. Det handlar om förtal, som inte är KÄRLEKSFULLT och det är INTE så vi själva skulle vilja bli behandlade.

Att hitta enskilda knäppgökar kan man göra i ALLA politiska partier. Behöver jag nämna Åsa Romson med sin berömda kommentar om att samhället riskerar att bli fel om det framför allt är vita, heterosexuella, medelålders män som sitter på makten. Borde inte Brandos-herrarna reagera på ett sådant öppet rasistisk uttalande? Stänger de dörren även till Miljöpartister? Byt ut adjektiven i uttalandet till antingen svarta, homosexuella eller muslimer och DÅ blir det nog fart i media och hos de här Brandos-herrarna! Det verkar vara just vita, heterosexuella och kristna som media känner sig fria att kritisera utan risk för konsekvenser, men sen finns det grupper som på något sätt är fridlysta… Hur vore det om man i stället försöker se på människor med lika värde? Det behöver inte betyda att man håller med dem om deras åsikter.

Jag tillhör också skiktet som anser att en kvinnlig person har rätten till sin egen kropp, och då menar jag att hon har den rätten oavsett hur liten hon är. Även om hon alltså skulle befinna sig i magen. Om man FINNS har man rätt att fortsätta att finnas. Finns det några bättre partier än Kristna Värdepartiet och Sverigedemokraterna om man har den åsikten? Övriga partier verkar inte se den höga abortstatistiken som ett problem eftersom de inte har en politik som gör något åt det.

Invandringspolitiken i Finland och Danmark är i min mening (om jag får ha en) bättre än den svenska, men inte kan man väl för den sakens skull påstå att det politiska styret i de länderna inte respekterar invandrare ? Och inte väljer väl Brandos att bojkotta eventuella kunder från Finland och Danmark? Men om jag gärna vill ha en invandringspolitik i Sverige liknande den som de har i Finland och Danmark (som är SD:s åsikt), då vill de alltså inte göra affärer med mig?

Jag röstade på KD i Europavalet men tänker förmodligen rösta på SD i riksdagsvalet (absolut inte KD eftersom KD inte längre  oss en kristdemokratisk politik). Om det valet leder till att jag inte får handla i vissa affärer så antar jag att jag måste acceptera det, men jag kommer förstås berätta för vänner vilka affärer som uppenbarligen inte vill sälja sina produkter till mig pga mina åsikter (eller rättare sagt – åsikter de bestämt att jag har). Jag hoppas även andra hjälper till att berätta för sina vänner om Brandos odemokratiska metoder och handlar på andra ställen. Läs om ekonomiska storförluster för inkomståret 2013 här.