Speaking in tongues

Millions and millions of true born again christians speak in tongues, so evidently speaking in tongues has not ceased – and the Bible doesn’t say it has. The Bible says about tongues that ”NO MAN UNDERSTANDS” them (so gibberish) – unless they are interpreted. I haven’t written anything about tongues in Swedish since Swedish christians normally don’t view it as a controversial topic. The Bible tells us to be eager to get the gift (are you?), and we can read that it’s for our own edification UNLESS they can also be interpreted and others are around to hear the message, because then more people can be edified and that’s even better.
You can read more about speaking in tongues here, here, here and here.

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  1. Found your (very good) website because my very good friend is a Christian Democrat in Stromstad and she argues with me about immigration. I know that Sweden is being destroyed. What are your thoughts.


    • Hey there

      I’m a Sweden Democrat (sverigedemokrat), and I’m also a Christian. It’s my Christian faith which makes vote for SD, and I know that we can help more people in need if we give them financial support where they live.

      You’re right – our irresponsible mass immigration is definitely destroying our country in all sorts of ways, and loads of people don’t feel safe any more (depending on where you live). The combination of mass immigration and naive Swedes is a dangerous one. Sweden is heading for bankruptcy.

      I’ve written a lot about this subject, but only one post in English.





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