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Would you like to get articles published on my Blog? Send that article to me on annikalbjork@gmail.com. Naturally it will not be published if the content is conflicting with the views expressed here on my Blog, but maybe you can write about a topic where our opinions do NOT conflict? At least, we probably have this in common that we would like to reach out with the gospel to as many people as possible.

No Blog or Bloggers are the same, and we probably don’t have the same views in every detail even if we are Bible believers, but if our views are rather similar we would both gain something by linking to each other’s Blogs in order to reach more readers. To link to a Blog doesn’t mean that you’re in agreement with everything written on that Blog (but on the other hand you don’t want to link to a Blog that you  feel that you do not want to support due to too many conflicting views).

The articles will be published under this tag.

When you write, it’s also ok if you copy from your own material, BUT I suspect that Google doesn’t like the same text published on several places (could be plagiarism), and therefore it’s better if you “shuffle around” the text a little so it won’t appear too identical to something that is already published elsewhere.

(The year 2013, viewers from 152 countries viewed my Blog, including China, North Korea, Belarus, the Vatican state, Namibia, Oman, Laos, Cambodia, Fiji, the Comoros islands, Latvia, Greenland, etc. )

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