Ephesians 1-2

The promises in Ephesians 1-2 concern those who are IN CHRIST, and nowhere will you see the teaching that God randomly predestines individuals to believe. From the beginning of the world the idea has always been to provide the believers eternal life, so the body of Christ (containing believers) is predestined to go to heaven, but who will choose to join? That is the question. We also know that we are not BORN children of wrath, but in order to qualify as children of wrath we must at least be adults in order to have an aim to “fulfill the lusts of our flesh”, follow Satan, etc. Is fulfilling the lust of our flesh according to God’s will or against his will? Things don’t always turn out the way God wants, and that’s due to our free will that God desired to create us with in order to not end up with a bunch of robots. Read more about Eph. 1-2 here.

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