A christian can LOSE HIS FAITH by shipwrecking it in various ways

Phrases that the Bible use

1. Shipwrecked faith: have to have sound faith 1st to even become shipwrecked – imagine a ship, then see it wrecked. Some claim – ‘no seaworthy ship to begin with’? Clearly this interpretatio…n of the analogy does not ‘hold water’!

2. Falling from grace: – so they were in grace to begin with – the very means of salvation – I thought Calvinists thought only the elect experience saving grace. And if you say ‘it wasnt SAVING faith – they were “justified” by grace but now sought to be justified by Law so Christ needsd to be formed in them AGAIN – clearly he was 1st time round but they lost it…

3. Twice dead : you get the picture – dead then born again to new life – then spiritually dead again – x2

4. Plucked up by the roots: obviously they were a living plant.

5. Reprobate – Paul said he could become this having preached to others if he did not keep his body in subjection to the Holy Spirit

6. Entangled in former sins: clearly the word former indicates they had become free from the earlier sins, and gone back to them – there is as you well know only one way to be free from sin! – true regeneration – true faith in Christ – HIS work in us!

7. Apostasy: check the root of the word – to leave one’s good standing.

8. Latter end worse than beginning – described here as having been set free then gone back, so worse than had they been unsaved in the 1st place

9. Cut out of the vine – well clearly JEsus describes these people as having been a part of himself – the vine is Jesus – how do you become part of Christ? only one way – living faith – being born of the Spirit…

10. Cut out of the Olive tree: Paul addresses these people as real Christians – he even says God has had mercy on them, and they are IN his goodness but must continue or they will be ct out of their place of faith – clearly all in the Olive Tree are REAL genuine Christians. IT is absurd to say otherwise, as the faithless Jews had been cut out of the tree, and they had been GRAFTED IN by God!!!

11. Christ has become of no effect to the Galatians: well he was of some efect to them then to have had this status reversed – BECOME of no effect – clearly an unsaved nonChristian never did enjoy the benefits of the effects of Christ

12. Err from the truth: again – must be in it to err from it – and the only ones in the truth are those who have been enlightened and rescued from darkness by JEsus Christ.

13. Wander away – away from what?

14. Treat the blood of the covenant wherewith they WERE SANCTIFIIED a common thing and despised the Spirit of Grace: these people were ACTUALLY sanctified by Christ’s blood – but went back and were lost – by deliberate choice to rebel against Christ who had cleaned them from their sins.

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