Gun control comics and cartoons

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Read more about gun control here !!


2 thoughts on “Gun control comics and cartoons

  1. Really? You really believe that a gun just kills people by itself? Then why do they think Adam Lanza was at fault for the Sandy Hook massacre? The gun made him do it!!

    Simple logic for you: in order to hammer in a nail, a human being must wilfully take a hammer and hammer in the nail. Neither the hammer nor the nail, without the human, can work by itself. Do you understand this basic cause and effect? The reason why people say “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” – is because you’re too focused on the tool used. If you look at HOMICIDE instead of focusing on tools, then you realize that something is causing Americans to kill each other. Is it income inequality? Is it class warfare? Is it Prozac? Look at root causes not the tools that HUMANS use to kill others. Get it?


    • Hey there

      It looks like we’re in agreement?

      Adam Lanza was not a good example since everything points towards Sandy Hook being a hoax (check under “Konspirationsteorier to see videos in English”.

      Gun control is not enforced to tell guns how they should behave. Gun control is made for PEOPLE, and the idea is to prevent CRIMINALS from getting hold of guns. It has proven to work quite well, because countries with gun control have a much lower homicide rates than America. The good thing about preventing criminals from getting hold of guns, is that you don’t have a need for a gun for protection yourself. What would you use it for?



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