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WordPress shows its true colors – the rainbow colors

rainbow 3So do you have the politically correct views, my friend, or do you have the wrong opinion?

Let me here express my sincere disappointment with the rainbow banner that is forced upon all the WordPress users today, resulting in promotion for same-sex marriages and influencing the users to hold the “correct view” about the same.

But I suppose it’s perfectly legal for the leaders of a blog provider to decide to NOT run a neutral blog system when it comes to politics and various moral issues. So if WordPress would decide to promote a certain president, a political party, polygamous marriages, war in Ukraine, or abortions, who am I to protest against it? I do suggest the following though:

Wouldn’t it be even better if WordPress would be more clear about their views and let their users know that they have decided to not stay neutral when it comes to political and moral issues, and that they have rather taken sides? Same-sex marriages is a controversial issue (both christians and muslims are normally against it), so how about stating under “About us” that WordPress is officially FOR same-sex marriages? In that way users won’t feel cheated and can avoid WordPress from the very beginning if they so choose.

(This article shouldn’t be against any WordPress rules considering that none of the information provided above is false, and that WordPress’ promotion for same-sex marriages is made public through their rainbow banner.)