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Torben Søndergaard, Danish pastor still in American jail for no reason

Please pray for Torben Søndergaard, the Danish pastor who is still in American jail for no good reason.

He fled to the US due to being harassed by Danish authorities and for accumulating opponents even among Christians who have started false rumors about him. Had Torben been lukewarm this of course would not have happened, but Torben is an active Christian preacher of the gospel (including the need for repentance) who believes that the gifts of the holy Spirit are still valid today. This fact has been used against him by his opponents to quench his fire, and they hate to see that loads of people have turned to Jesus Christ due to his teachings, not only in Denmark but all over the world.  Torben’s preaching and popularity was deemed so dangerous that Danish media even made a hit piece against him. Denmark is sadly no longer a country where you have freedom of religion or even freedom of speech, unless of course your opinions line up with the establishment’s views and are not controversial.